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If you would like to see some of our favorite events, please watch the slideshow or scroll through the photos below. Enjoy!

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Inside of barn decorated for an event
floral display
long table decorated with succulent centerpieces outside at a winery
two cow skulls with flowers
Bride and groom leaning against a tree. She is holding a floral bouquet and is waring a brown cowboy hat.
barn decorated with lights and draped fabric with round tables in front.
Inside of barn decorated for an event
Smiling server holding platter of BBQ'd ribs
Long tables decorated for wedding reception. Pink and white flower centerpieces are down the middle of the table
outdoor event under oak trees
Billy turning beef on the grill at the back of the white cook trailer
Red trailer and grill in the background behind flower display
fabric, vines and lights decorate inside of barn
bonfire and small tables under oak tree
outdoor seating with floral arch ready for wedding
two cows - one is a longhorn
close up view of floral arch
close up view of wedding cakes
Close up of bride's hands holding bouquet
bride in white lace dress in the sunlight
groom sliding ring on brides hand while Billy officiates
Winery with event in the background
yellow roses with The Victorian sign in the background
large green victorian house
tables set up for event inside large barn
white fabric stretched between two trees as an entrance to wedding seating in the background
smiling server holding a tray of appetizers
dock under a tree over a small lake
Birthday cakes and cupcakes with other desserts on a table with park in the background
black carriage with floral decorations
long tables set up next to a lake
pink flowers in vases on white tablecloth. blue glasswear and napkin with steak knife and fork.
Multiple long tables setup for outside event
conversation area set up next to a lake
conversation area set up with big red in the background
wood carving of horse head sitting next to antler and flowers on large foot stool
dancefloor setup with LOVE in lights leaning against the stage
large floral bouquet in milk jug
cheese, bread and fruit display
beef and vegetables cooking on a grill
floral bouquet behind a plate with pancake, fruit, sausage, bacon, and biscuit with gravey
colorful vegetables cooking on the grill over the fire
succulents and white roses centerpieces with tablesetting
red check tablecloth on long table inside a barn
table and bench seat setup next to fireplace outside at a winery
red grill with beef cooking in front of snow-capped mountains
ice bowl with fruit salad
outdoor wedding party in front of snow-capped mountains
outdoor party guests
long tables set up at hearst castle with burgundy tablecloths and gold edged plates
Barn with American flag flying on pole in front of beautiful sunset
large crowd looking towards to front in front fo blurry hills in the background
large platter of shrimp, grapes and cheese on a round table next to pool with tables in the background
crowd of people at tables with red and white checked tablecloths watching musicians in front of a wooden building
Billy cooking on the grill inside big red
black and yellow birds on hay bales
mariachi band performing
round tables with Mexican blankets as table cloths
people near stone arch during event with a serving table on the left
serving tables and grill set up next to a green lawn overlooking the beach and waves in the ocean
close up view of pink bougainvillea flowers and wooden bowls as centerpiece
back side of building with pond and lawn
long table with serving trays and white tablecloth
long wood tables with white table runner set up under oak tree near outdoor fireplace
wood tables with benches under roof looking at more tables set up outside
table with striped tablecloth set with white plates and gold napkins and succulents as centerpieces
hand holding wine in a glass with horse head on right and grape vines in background
Billy turning vegetables on the grill
view of seating on lawn from under fabric awning
tractor and SUV towing big red up a hill
crane loading grill onto a ship for transport
crane lifting grill into place for event
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Multiple tables set up for outdoor wedding reception overlooking a lake.


For years, Cowboy Flavor has been a trusted choice for couples on their special day, offering BBQ-style catering and gourmet cuisine that are both delicious and diverse.

Closeup view of wine and water glasses with succulent center piece.

Wine Country Events

With years of experience catering for wineries, we have honed our skills in providing exceptional food and service to make your event truly memorable.

Large group of people sitting around tables at outdoor event in front of barn with musicians.

Special Occasions

We understand how important it is to create lasting memories on your special day. That's why we're committed to delivering exceptional catering services that will satisfy and delight your guests.

Outdoor Corporate event with crowd on Santa Rosa Island.

Corporate & Large Events

If you are planning to entertain your executives, employees or potential clients, we would be happy to assist you in making your event a success.

Let Cowboy Flavor take care of the catering while you enjoy a worry-free event.

We would love to help you create the perfect menu for your special day. For more information and availability call Cowboy Flavor at 888-386-2776 or complete our Contact Form.

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